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Commercial MelIvey App // Video by WestWolf Creative

You’ll find me doing Singing Mel-a-Grams up and down the Colorado front range and beyond! In fact, in our new virtual reality Mel-a-Grams can be done anywhere in the world to anyone you desire. 

You can also see future me MZIV narrating Future Ancestors, a short performance piece inspired by the Murdered Missing Indigenous Women, Two-Spirit, and Peoples Epidemic. 

Otherwise, if you are expecting a growing family… You can also work with me as your Musical Birth Doula. I have 8 years experience and 22 births. I am LGBTQA+ safe, and work holistically with a variety of family dynamics. 

And last but not least you can find me and my sisters of the Cast Iron Queens performing live music. We hope to be on a stage near you in the not too distant future! Stay tuned! 

That’s me and I’m here for you. Now, click on the appropriate links to find more information about any of my services. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 

Yours Truly, 

Melissa Ivey

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